Monday, December 26, 2011

A Carbon and Paint Treat for the Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG

Here's a video of the SLS AMG getting a nice treatment from the AMG Performance Studio guys in Affalterbach. You'll notice in this time-lapsed video how everything needs to be removed first before the actual job can be done. Long and tedious work, however, the Mercedes guys are okay with it, all for the love of beauty and speed.

The M-Class and B-Class Miniatures : Small is Beautiful

The Mercedes-Benz M-Class and B-Class are famous new cars that the company launched this year. And if you dream of owning one yet cannot afford it this time, then it might be a good idea to settle for its mini counterparts, at least for now.

High-grade miniatures in 1:87, 1:43 and 1:18 scale are now out and being sold in Mercedes-Benz outlets, online shop, dealerships and the Mercedes-Benz Museum. These mini cars are amazing because of its details which looks and feel like the actual thing. For example, the 1:43 and 1:18 models have the same interior trims like their actual equivalents.

Here's a table of its features:

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Don't Drink and Drive Campaign Video by Mercedes Drivers

Mika Hakkinen, the world champion of F1 racing, and Jenson Button of Vodafone McLaren Mercedes are joining forces with Johnnie Walker to promote safety driving. One of the most common violations on the road is a “DUI” or driving under the influence, which not only make you pay fines or penalize you, it may also cost your life. The two drivers probably knows this too well that's why they agreed to be the faces of this campaign.

E-Class Hybrids to be Introduced in January

In January next year, the much awaited Detroit Motor Show will be held. Almost all car companies will have models that will launch in the said event, and of course, Mercedes-Benz will not be left behind.

The E300 BlueTEC Hybrid and the E400 BlueTEC Hybrid will premier at the auto show. The car is known to provide green benefits to owners while making sure the luxury feel remains intact.

The E300 BlueTEC Hybrid consumes only 4.2 liters per 100KM and produces 200HP with the help of its 4-cylinder engine. Meanwhile, the E400 BlueTEC Hybrid is a V6 engine which can produce 300HP. Both cars will be run by a 20kW electric motor.

“The modular technology opens up a quick way for us to complement other model series with hybrid models. With these two E-Class models we are now continuing our comprehensive hybrid offensive,” said the Head of Mercedes-Benz Car Development, Dr. Thomas Weber.

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG Fits the Nurburgring

Seeing the Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG on the Internet or magazines is not uncommon, but seeing it live, in front of you is something you will truly treasure. These luxury and high-performance cars are usually lurking in country clubs and high-end malls because those are the hang -outs of those who can afford it.

But the SLS AMG in this video shows the world that it is more than just a “fashion/luxury” car, it is a high-performance car that can also cope with the speed of Porsches and Ferraris of the world.

Scooped: Brochure Scans of the 2013 Mercedes SL

Germancarforum showed a scanned brochure of the new Mercedes SL. Even if there were lots of spyshots that has been showing up in various car blogs, the cars there are heavily shelled or disguised. If these scans are true, then this is the first time we'll be seeing the actual thing, at least on photo.

Aside from the reported new windshield technology and engines, the 2013 SL is pretty much like its predecessors. It maintained the retractable hard top too.

What's making this car exciting is its 89% aluminum body that will apparently make it 308 pounds lighter than 2012 SL.

The car will make its debut at the Detroit Motor Show, but if this scans are true, then we might be seeing the official photos anytime soon – before its debut.

Monday, December 12, 2011

Video: Can Anything Cope with Mercedes-Benz C63 AMG's Speed?

So, which do you think is the fastest high-performance car in the market? This is a video that can give you an idea, although, this is non-conclusive because we think Mercedes-Benz E63 AMG is still the best!

By the way, the common ground with these four cars are its engine (all V8s), luxury line selling around $100,000.

Mercedes C-Class Brought Home Awards from Australia and Japan

Mercedes C-Class was able to win awards from Australia in Japan, proving once again that the car is not only popular and admired in Europe and North America. Besides being an entry level vehicle, the C-class is gorgeous in its own right and powerful too, so it is not surprising it always gets the citations.

Stuttgart – The Mercedes-Benz C-Class is among the most popular cars – worldwide. This is confirmed by two recent awards: in Japan the C-Class leads the field as the best imported car for the second time in succession. Down under, the
C 250 CDI and the C 63 AMG CoupĂ© scooped the "2011 Australia’s Best Car Award" in their respective segments.

The title "The Imported Car of the Year Japan" is traditionally awarded at the Tokyo Motor Show for the automobile with the best concept and the most innovative technology. As in the previous year, the title for 2011/2012 went to the C-Class Saloon and Estate. C-Class models also claimed Australia's most important independent automobile award. The Australian Automobile Association presented the C 250 CDI as the best of the best premium mid-size cars. The C 63 AMG Coupé won its award category as best sports car.

Mercedes-Benz carried out a comprehensive upgrade of the C-Class in the spring of 2011. The new generation boasts a dynamic design and numerous new assistance systems: from the ATTENTION ASSIST drowsiness detection system to proximity control with DISTRONIC PLUS, it offers a new standard of safety in this segment. In addition, fuel consumption has been cut by up to 31 percent in comparison to the previous generation.

Source: Daimler AG

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Deutsche Post DHL Got a Hold of Ten Mercedes Atego

The first hybrid truck in Europe, the Mercedes Atego were delivered for the mail and freight industry. Deutsche Post DHL received the keys to ten Atego BlueTec Hybrid trucks, which will be deployed in different parts of Germany. Five will be at Hennigsdorf, Cologne-Gremberghoven, Dortmund, Kolbermoor and Gersthofen to be used by their mail division while the other five will be utilized by the freight division and will operate at Hamburg and Wustermark.

Fuel savings of 10 to 15 percent

At the end of last year, the Atego BlueTec Hybrid additionally scooped the prestigious "Deutscher Nachhaltigkeitspreis" (German Sustainability Award). The jury explained its grounds for choosing the Atego as follows: "With the Mercedes-Benz Atego BlueTec Hybrid, Daimler AG addresses various challenges in the area of sustainability. The adaptation of hybrid components to the vehicle's operating strategy results in a reduction in fuel consumption and CO2 emissions of between 10 and 15 percent – with even greater savings possible, depending on the given topography and service conditions. In braking and overrun mode the electric motor functions as a generator, feeding energy into lithium-ion batteries which are subsequently available when special load situations apply. These features make the Mercedes-Benz Atego BlueTec Hybrid an environment-friendly vehicle with which Daimler AG sets benchmarks worldwide."

The basis for the BlueTec Hybrid is provided by the Atego 1222 L Euro 5, which already meets the environment-friendly EEV standard for particularly low particulate emissions and qualifies for toll-free use of German roads. Its compact and light four-cylinder diesel engine with a displacement of 4.8 l generates 160 kW (218 hp) of power. This engine is backed up by a water-cooled electric motor with a maximum output of 44 kW which is powered by high-energy, high-performance lithium-ion batteries.

The electric motor is installed behind the combustion engine and the clutch, but in front of the transmission. This configuration enables the truck to be powered by engine and motor together or by either of the drives on its own. The parallel hybrid drive enables start-up of the vehicle on electric power, recuperation by the electric motor and optimisation of the diesel engine's characteristic. The diesel engine's drive power is engaged via the coupling between diesel engine and electric motor. Until it is connected to the powertrain, the combustion engine serves solely to drive the ancillary units. Apart from a marked reduction of up to 15 percent in fuel consumption and exhaust emissions, this also results in lower noise emissions. The automatic start/stop function for the engine reduces fuel consumption, emissions and noise to zero at traffic lights.

Source: Mercedes/Daimler Press Release

Video: C63 AMG Black Series Excitement

The C63 AMG Black Series has been the talk of car enthusiasts around the world. The car equipped with 6.3L V8 engine can speed up to 517HP. Not surprisingly, Australians bought out all the Black Series that 's allocated for their country/continent, just after one week when it was announced that the dealerships are taking orders.

Find out what the excitement is all about with this video.

Thursday, December 8, 2011

MBUSA New Chief Not Yet Chosen

Image representing Ernst Lieb as depicted in C...Image via CrunchBaseErnst Lieb, former CEO of Mercedes-Benz USA, was quickly fired. Yet, until now, his replacement has not been found.

One reason, according to reports is that Lieb has been very effective in his post before that it is difficult to find someone as good and as “loveable” as him. Apparently, dealerships in America really liked Lieb's leadership. The second reason is that the candidates for the position all include Mercedes-Benz executives from other countries, they are also performing really well where they are right now, so it would be very difficult to get them out of their current posts because that place maybe affected. Apparently, the contenders for the post are from Canada, Turkey, China, Australia and England.

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Video: Why the Mercedes ML63 AMG for a Pursuit car?

This video directed by New York director Henry Corra and Corra Films will show you some behind-the-scenes of those ads you watch on TV. It will show the danger of each shoot, thus, the need for a reliable camera crane car. Here, the Pursuit Team chose the Mercedes-Benz ML63 AMG as a pursuit car, for many reasons.

Watch the video: