Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Mercedes-Benz of Lynnwood: Germany's DHL Gets New Mercedes-Benz Sprinters

With an order of 1,300 Mercedes-Benz Sprinter 310 CDI  vans, Deutsche Post DHL is moving their fleet into the next generation of cutting-edge Sprinter van technology. With each unit including standard features like the Electronic Stability Program and adaptive brake lights.

With a company as large as Germany's DHL using Mercedes-Benz Sprinter vehicles for their efficiency, ergonomics, and environmental standards, a Mercedes-Sprinter Van can move your company to the next level. Mercedes-Benz of Lynnwood is a full service Mercedes-Benz Sprinter dealer. From sales to service and parts, "Sprinterman" Tom Brookshire can help meet your Sprinter needs here in the Seattle area.

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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Mercedes-Benz of Lynnwood: 2012 Mercedes-Benz C-Class Sports In-Terminal Mode from Nokia

Now that the new 2012 Mercedes-Benz C-Class is official, we're finding out more about the new technology coming inside. With the advent of smartphones and their almost universal use, automakers are working to give consumers in-car integration. Mercedes-Benz continues it's partnership with Nokia to provide Terminal Mode technology. According to Nokia, the Terminal Mode will be an industry standard, so eventually it will be able to be integrated to other phones besides a Nokia. Paired with the COMAND infotainment system, Mercedes-Benz offers a complete internet experience, straight from the dash.

While Terminal Mode will eventually come in-car in the new 2012 Mercedes-Benz C-Class, you can also find it as an aftermarket accessory for earlier Mercedes-Benz models. To find out if your Mercedes-Benz can be upgraded with Terminal Mode, let the parts professionals at the Phil Smart Parts Department give you the details.

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Monday, December 27, 2010

Mercedes-Benz of Lynnwood: Take Winter As It Comes

Enjoy winter driving with permanent all-wheel drive from Mercedes-Benz.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Mercedes-Benz of Lynnwood: Mercedes-Benz Offers InCar Hotspots

Long commute without wireless? Mercedes-Benz will offer InCar Hotspots (wireless internet access) for the GL-Class and M-Class vehicles. Currently, this service is available for select C-Class, CL-Class, E-Class and S-Class models.

The InCar Hotspot kit can be installed on your GL-Class or M-Class for about $1,300 (plus labor) and will includes a router to provide wireless access for up to four wireless-enabled devices from laptops to phones to an iPad and more!

The only drawback we see to this--you'll need a driver!

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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Mercedes-Benz of Lynnwood: Mercedes-Benz Classic Museum App

There's an app for just about everything these days, including Mercedes-Benz Classic. This app for Apple devices gives you a digital look at the museum--from exhibits to to all 160 vehicles on display. Whether you're visiting the museum or just checking things out from home, this app shows all things Mercedes-Benz Classic. Best of all, you can download this app for free! Whether your favorite device is an iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch, you can stay connected to your classic side with the Mercedes-Benz classic app.

Download the link

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Mercedes-Benz of Lynnwood: A Bulletproof Hybrid Mercedes-Benz

It's probably not one you'll need on your daily commute to Seattle, but Texas Armoring Corporation has created a custom Mercedes-Benz in a class by itself. Combining the latest in hybrid technology with the latest in protection vehicles, the S400 Hybrid sedan is covered in a lightweight armor reported to be  30 to 40 percent lighter than a standard bulletproof covering--but still able to stand up to an M16 or AK-47.

With this level of protection and a selling price of $255,000 (additional options extra), we doubt we'll see many of these tooling around the Puget Sound. But if you're interested, US and European pre-orders will begin on January 3, 2011.

Learn more about this armored Mercedes-Benz S400 Hybrid Sedan

Friday, December 17, 2010

Mercedes-Benz of Lynnwood: BRABUS Tuning for Your Mercedes-Benz Sprinter

Ever wondered what went into tuning a Mercedes-Benz? Check out BRABUS Tuning for Mercedes-Benz, and you can see firsthand what BRABUS can do for one of these beauties.

Who knew? BRABUS, the quintessential tuning shop, not only tunes the supercars, but for the right price, they'll also tune a Sprinter van. Add a performance kit, BRABUS door locks, BRABUS pedals and more to a Sprinter van to give it the BRABUS look and feel.

Want to see what they could do with your C-Class? From a new rear bumper to stainless steel sports exhaust, sideskirts as well as performance exhaust, BRABUS-tuned C-Class vehicles are enhanced versions of themselves.

Mercedes-Benz of Lynnwood: Mercedes-Benz Tweet Race

It's got the twitterverse all aflutter! The Mercedes-Benz Tweet Race, just announced on Facebook, is taking applications for the first ever Tweet Race. The prize? A 2012 C-Class Coupe!

Four teams, four cities, four Mercedes-Benz, and eight Super Bowl tickets, all vying to reach Dallas first. Beat out the three other teams and complete the challenges on the way, and you could win the grand prize!

One twist to this race--apparently you can be "fueled" by your followers on Twitter. So start gathering followers now if you're interested in this one-of-a-kind race. To find out more details, head over to the Mercedes-Benz Facebook page and get in your application or follow @MBtweetraceHQ on Twitter.

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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Mercedes-Benz of Lynnwood: smart Drive App for iPhone wins Mobile Excellence Award

With a smartkit and cradle, smart has created its own iPhone app that reaches above the competition to win the Mobile Excellence Award. Topping out others in the areas of strategic initiative, impact of technology used, creativity, ease of use and reach and execution and market success, the smartfortwo has developed an app that is both user-friendly and feature-packed. From extra-large buttons to the CarFinder feature, the smart iPhone app has thought of everything!

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Mercedes-Benz of Lynnwood: A Little Christmas Greeting

Wishing you all a safe and happy holiday season!

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Mercedes-Benz of Lynnwood: The 2012 C-Class Coupe Is Looking Good!

These are some of the best spy shots we've seen for the new Mercedes-Benz C-Class Coupe! While the front and back ends show many similarities to the C-Class sedan, rest of the body shows sleek coupe lines. We're still waiting on the final word for what's going to happen under the hood, but the best guesses are a four and six-cylinder engine--and possibly a new, lower price.

Mercedes-Benz of Lynnwood: Mercedes-Benz B-Class F-Cell Hits California

Fresh from its American debut at the Los Angeles Auto Show, the Mercedes-Benz B-Class F-Cell is primed for a California release. Looking to hit showroom floors in 2015, a small number are currently available on a 3-year lease plan for $849/month. While most aren't going to pay that price now, hydrogen fuel looks to be the future. With fuel stations popping up already, then next step is the cars! While California is certainly known for its environmental emphasis, Seattle isn't far behind. How long will it take to see this sporty compact here? Only time will tell!

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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Mercedes-Benz of Lynnwood: SLS AMG Takes on Winter Driving

With the occassional snowy Seattle days, it's comforting to know that the new SLS AMG convertible can handle itself on snowy roads. Take a closer look at these Spy Shots from Autoblog, giving us our first good look at the convertible top. Without the iconic Gullwing doors the SLS AMG convertible takes on a different look, but this supercar looks amazing--and just as powerful.

See more spy shots of the SLS AMG on Autoblog!

Monday, December 6, 2010

Mercedes-Benz of Lynnwood: New E-Class Cabrio Kit from Piecha

Want to give you E-Class Cabriolet a different look from the stock options? Check out this Mercedes-Benz E-Class Cabriolet Kit from Piecha. A more aerodynamic body style includes new side skirts, a redesigned bumper, a sleek spoiler, and new 19-inch custom spoke rims. While the original E-Class Cabriolet looks pretty good, this Piecha kit adds even more WOW-factor.

New Piecha E-Class Cabriolet Kit Details

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Mercedes-Benz of Lynnwood: Sprinter Ambulance Wins Top Innovation Award

Built on a Sprinter chassis, the Demers Mirage EX Sprinter turns head with Mercedes-Benz Sprinter elegance and innovative safety and technology additions that could save a life. The 2010 Top Innovation Award reflects the passion and detail that goes into each of these ambulances.

While you won't find a Sprinter ambulance at Mercedes-Benz of Lynnwood, we can help you find the right Sprinter vehicle for your business. As your Puget Sound area Sprinter dealer, can help with all of your Sprinter needs in Lynnwood, Seattle, and beyond.

Demers Mirage EX Sprinter Wins EMS Top Innovation Awards

Mercedes-Benz of Lynnwood: WHICH and WHY?

The Aston Martin Rapide, Audi A7, Jaguar XJ or the all-new, updated Mercedes-Benz CLS-Class--which one from this lineup of luxury vehicles which one would you choose and why? When asked this question, we sure know which one we'd choose! The Mercedes-Benz CLS-Class is our favorite--and once you try it, we think it will be yours. See how it stood up to the competition.

WHICH and WHY? Sexy Four-Door Coupes Go Head-To-Head

Mercedes-Benz of Lynnwood: From Mercedes-Benz Concept to Reality

With car companies concentrating on eco-friendly engines, Mercedes-Benz has stepped up with the new Biome concept. Unveiled recently at the LA Auto Show, the Biome concept could see elements in production as early as 2015. With competition from other automakers, Mercedes-Benz is committed to produce a star in the "green" market. With talks of a mid-engine vehicle based on the Biome, it looks like one way or another this unique Mercedes-Benz concept will make its way to Seattle in some form!

Biome to supercar