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Video; Mercedes-Benz B-Class

The safety features of the Mercedes-Benz B-Class is unmatched. As the head of development for Mercedes-Benz, Thomas Weber said, “No model change in the history of Mercedes-Benz has ever seen so many new developments introduced in one fell swoop.”

This video will show you purely Mercedes-Benz B-Class' beauty over that 1600cc unit gas engine that powers up to 120HP. Diesel engine, meanwhile produces 110HP in B180 model and 136 HP for the B200CDI.

Watch the Mercedes-Benz B-Class in pure beauty.

Car Production May Slow Down Because of Lack Of Engineers

German car manufacturers are not slowing down, despite of the weak economy as the sales are still stable, in fact even increasing.

At this point, these companies are developing and producing new models. The only issue with is the shortage of engineers in Germany. With the aging workforce and lesser number of people with the skills to do the job, development may slow down.

To respond to this need, Daimler is now trying to recruit skilled people from China and India. Also, the company is developing programs in the universities, so they can tap the talented and skilled students to work in the company. Training programs in plants and offices are now being implemented so that the workforce will be experts in modern technologies.

Friday, August 26, 2011

Mercedes-Benz B-Class Officially Launched

The three point star brand has launched the new Mercedes-Benz B-Class.

The new car is deemed to be more agile and efficient yet it remains comfortable and even more spacious. The vehicle will have a 4-cylinder gasoline engine with direct injection, other than that the vehicle has six-speed manual transmission and a dual-clutch gearbox and with a lot of assistance features.

“Future B-Class customers will benefit from this quantum leap in terms of exemplary low fuel consumption and CO2 emissions combined with driving pleasure, plenty of space and the highest standard of safety that has ever been available in this class,” said Dr. Thomas Weber, Member of the Board of Management for Group and Research and Head of Development.The car will have its premier at the Frankfurt International Motor Show and will start delivery in European dealerships in November 2011.

Read the press release for the Mercedes-Benz B-Class, from

The exterior design: perfect space in a most attractive guise

The new B-Class is a typical Mercedes sports tourer, offering plenty of space combined with impressive dynamic performance as a hatchback saloon. The characteristic lines of the exterior design indicate both of these attributes: front and rear sport a width-emphasizing design, with a wide, prominent grille and headlamps extending along the sides at the front while the rear end features a wide rear window, two-piece tail lights with horizontally offset meander and a large tailgate with low loading sill.

The new sportiness and the outstanding aerodynamics are particularly evident in the side line: the bonnet flows seamlessly into the A-pillar and the roof line descends sleekly to the striking roof spoiler. The roof features a swage line which lends the vehicle a longer appearance. The pronounced wheel arches offset by dynamic feature lines under the beltline are a sporty interpretation of the current design line from Mercedes-Benz. The bottom edge of the body features dynamic side skirts which add a light touch to the vehicle’s appearance. Refined details such as the exquisitely designed headlamps with the new spotlight element confirm the brand’s unmistakable premium credentials which shine through in the compact segment, too.

Outstanding aerodynamics: astounding cd value despite station wagon rear end

An outstanding drag coefficient of cd = 0.26 places the new B-Class at the forefront of its market segment. Apart from the aerodynamic exterior design, numerous optimisation measures on points of detail such as the air flow around the front wheels, the underbody design and the cooling air flow are also crucial contributory factors to this excellent aerodynamic performance. Patents are pending for innovative details such as the serrated wheel arch spoiler. With the optional ECO Technology package which will be available in due course, the B-Class is even on a par with the world-class aerodynamic credentials of the E-Class Coupé, attaining a drag coefficient of cd = 0.24 which is nothing short of sensational for a vehicle with a station wagon rear end.

New concept: lower overall height but more space inside

The new vehicle concept underscores the dynamic aspirations of the new B-Class. The most striking aspect is the reduced height: at 1557 millimetres, the new model crouches almost five centimetres lower on the road than its predecessor. The seat height in relation to the road has also been reduced (minus 86 mm) in order to facilitate boarding, while maintaining a clear overview of the vehicle’s contours.

In response to requests from many customers, the sitting position is more upright, however. At the same time, the headroom has been further improved. With maximum headroom of 1047 mm at the front (without sliding roof), the B-Class is among the most spacious cars in its segment in this discipline, too. The ergonomically expedient more upright sitting position in combination with a lowering of the vehicle’s floor at the rear leads to a segment-leading degree of legroom (976 mm) which even surpasses that of the S- and E-Class.

The B-Class is optionally available with the so-called EASY-VARIO-PLUS system. This enables simple reorganisation of the interior so as to enable the transportation of bulky items. Features of the EASY-VARIO-PLUS system include fore/aft adjustment of the rear seats by up to 140 millimetres (thereby increasing the luggage compartment volume from 488 to 666 litres) and a front passenger seat whose backrest can be folded forward onto the seat cushion.

The interior design: superior quality in a new dimension

High-quality materials and finely structured surfaces, stylish details, precision workmanship and a new spaciousness – the interior of the B-Class defines a whole new benchmark in the compact segment.

Many features have been the reserve of higher classes of vehicle to date and embody Mercedes-Benz’s special definition of quality and aesthetics. The dashboard is optionally available in ARTICO man-made leather finish and features stitching, for example. Four equipment packages (Chrome, Sports, Exclusive and Night package) enable individualisation according to personal tastes.

In the interior, the large, three-dimensional trim covering the entire dashboard first strikes the eye. It is available in four variants, covering a broad spectrum from modern through sporty to classic. Common to all versions is a high-class appeal combining an attractive look and feel with easy care and durability.

The three large round vents in the middle and their uniquely designed cruciform nozzles add a sporty attribute to the interior’s emotional design idiom. The display, which is available in two sizes (5.8- and 7-inch) appears to hover over the vents. With its stylish design – the trim frame with galvanised finish contrasting with the piano black of the front panel – and slender lines, the colour display (TFT) is a highly attractive feature in the cockpit.

The 3-spoke steering wheel, which always incorporates a silver chrome insert in the middle spoke, the instrument cluster with four analogue round dials and suspended pointers in 6 o’clock position and the seats with contrasting stitching underscore the sporty character.

The drive: designed for maximum efficiency

The new B-Class features new petrol and diesel engines as well as new manual and automatic transmissions. All transmissions and engines have been developed in-house, with production taking place at the plants in Stuttgart-Untertürkheim and -Hedelfingen, Rastatt/Baden, Gaggenau/Baden and Kölleda/Thuringia. The simultaneous development process enabled perfect coordination of engines and transmissions, e.g. with regard to implementation of the ECO start/stop function which features as standard on all B-Class models.

Common features of the new drive systems are the use of state-of-the-art technologies for maximum efficiency, very smooth running, high tractive power right from low revs, sustainability in terms of impending emissions standards and low weight. For the purposes of transverse installation the engines, all of which are turbocharged, and the two transmissions are very compactly designed, providing the B-Class with an exemplary small turning circle for a front-wheel drive vehicle of eleven metres. The engine and transmission suspension disposes of a four-point mounting system comprising engine mount, transmission mount and two self-aligning supports. This
suspension system has been designed specifically to meet the requirements of the high-torque engines with regard to minimum noise levels. The hydraulic damping integrated in the transmission mount is a key contributory factor to the exceptionally high ride comfort.

The new four-cylinder petrol engines (internal designation M270) mark the launch of a completely new engine series. The combustion process is based on the third-generation Mercedes-Benz direct injection system which was introduced last year with the BlueDIRECT V6 and V8 engines. Its use in the B-Class marks this technology’s debut in the compact segment. The new four-cylinder engines have been designed for both transverse and longitudinal installation. In the new B-Class they are initially available with a displacement of 1.6 litres, as the B 180 rated at 90 kW (122 hp) and the B 200 with an output of 115 kW (156 hp). Their maximum torque of 200 and 250 Nm respectively is available from an engine speed of 1250 rpm.

The new four-cylinder diesel engine is a further development of the OM651 deployed in the C- to the S-Class, a common rail direct-injection engine of the third generation. With its displacement scaled down to 1.8 litres and numerous optimised points of detail, this is the first time that the compression-ignition engine has been mounted transversely in a Mercedes-Benz car. The B 180 CDI generates 80 kW (109 hp) of power, while the B 200 CDI has an output of 100 kW (136 hp). The maximum torque stands at 250 Nm from 1400 rpm for the 80 kW variant and 300 Nm from 1600 rpm for the 100 kW variant.

Another Mercedes-Benz premiere is the new 7G-DCT dual clutch transmission in the
B-Class. This transmission is extremely compact, extremely variable with regard to adaptation of the engine speed thanks to seven gears, features an electric oil pump for start/stop capability, shifts gear without any interruptions in tractive power and combines the comfort of an automatic with the efficiency of a manual transmission.

The new 6-speed manual transmission designed along similarly compact lines as a three-shaft transmission is a close relative of the DCT. Extremely easy gear shifting, low shift forces, low internal friction and a low weight are among its most important characteristics.

The chassis and suspension: refined sportiness now for the sports tourer, too

“Fascinatingly agile” is the assessment of all test drivers who have put the new B-Class through its paces to date. Three factors are instrumental to the substantially enhanced dynamic performance in comparison to its predecessor, which does not come at the cost of any compromises on comfort: the lowered centre of gravity, the new four-link rear axle and the upgraded ESP® Electronic Stability Programme. A sports suspension is optionally available for further enhanced agility. The centre of gravity has been lowered by a further 20 mm and the suspension additionally features sports dampers with amplitude-selective damping and a Direct-Steer system to emphasize the car’s sporty character.

Steering: mechanical with electric assistance

The electromechanical steering of the B-Class has been redesigned. The electric motor of the servo assistance system is now located directly on the steering gear as a dual pinion EPS system, thereby optimising the package as a whole. A Direct-Steer system is available in combination with the sports package. The steering ratio becomes noticeably more direct at greater steering angles, enhancing the vehicle’s handling and agility substantially.

The electromechanical steering system makes an important contribution to the vehicle’s overall efficiency, as the steering assist function only requires energy when steering actually takes place.

New assistance and braking system reduces the risk of rear-end collisions

As a world first in the compact segment, the B-Class features a radar-based collision warning system with adaptive Brake Assist as standard, which lowers the risk of rear-end collisions. The COLLISION PREVENTION ASSIST system outputs a visual and acoustic warning to alert a possibly distracted driver to identified obstacles, and prepares Brake Assist for the most precise possible braking response. This is initiated as soon as the driver emphatically operates the brake pedal.

In contrast to systems currently on the market in the compact class, the new COLLISION PREVENTION ASSIST brake assist feature is not merely a system intended to minimise minor damage in urban traffic. Rather, this innovative solution is aimed at protecting motorists from typical rear-end collisions in dangerous traffic situations. Mercedes-Benz expects the new safety system to have a significant positive effect on accident statistics.

The democratisation of safety also encompasses an array of other assistance systems which have been adopted into the B-Class from the larger model series. These include:

  • Adaptive Headlamp Assist

  • Blind Spot Assist and Lane Keeping Assist

  • ATTENTION ASSIST (standard)

  • Speed Limit Assist (speed limit sign recognition)

  • Active Parking Assist

  • Brake HOLD function (standard with 7G-DCT)

  • Hill Hold function


  • Reversing camera


Premiere in the compact class: PRE-SAFE® available for the first time

The PRE-SAFE®preventive occupant protection system which features in the
B-Class is available for the first time in this vehicle category. This represents a further step in the ongoing democratisation of this innovation, which was premiered in the S-Class in 2002. Core features of PRE-SAFE®are reversible belt tensioning, the closing of side windows and sliding sunroof in case of critical lateral dynamics and adjustment of the fully electric front passenger seat with memory function to an ideal position for maximum effectiveness of the restraint systems. PRE-SAFE®is always activated in response to critical longitudinal and lateral dynamics and may also be triggered upon intervention by certain assistance functions.

The scope of restraint facilities takes special account of the B-Class’ use as a family car. Great importance has been attached to the safety of the rear occupants. Belt tensioners, belt-force limiters and belt height adjusters come as standard on the outer seats. Rear sidebags are optionally available. Integrated child seats and automatic child seat recognition are available as in the predecessor. Driver and co-driver are provided with new pelvis bags which are able to cover the pelvis and the entire upper part of the body. For head protection, a windowbag is fitted as standard.

COMAND Online multimedia system with internet access

Internet access, the convenient LINGUATRONIC voice control system, two navigation solutions tailored to different budgets, connection for mobile audio devices and an intuitive operating concept – the information and communication systems in the
B-Class offers excellent user-friendliness and a superior level of functionality which has been the reserve of higher categories of vehicle to date. It is the new multimedia generation from Mercedes-Benz which delivers these standards. The operating concept featuring the turn/push control in front of the armrest and the control knob on the head unit is also familiar from other Mercedes model series.

The COMAND Online multimedia system offers internet access. Customers can either surf the web as they wish while the car is stationary or call up a Mercedes-Benz app whose particularly fast page loading and simple operation make it suitable for use while driving. Integrated apps include Google™ Local Search and Weather, and the facility for downloading a route which has previously been configured on a PC using Google Maps and transmitted to the car.

All set for the future: modular “Energy Space” concept

The modular “Energy Space” concept means that the new B-Class is already designed to accommodate versions with an alternative drive: appropriate interfaces in the body shell enable the main floor panel to be modified and a step to be produced for the versions with alternative drive. An underfloor compartment covering part of the area under the rear bench seat offers space for alternative energy accumulators.

BMW Concedes, Said That Mercedes will Take the Top Spot

After Lexus' slow sales and the expected dethronement as the number one luxury brand for next year, all car manufacturers, specifically BMW and Mercedes-Benz were on the race to take the top spot. But now, with the year almost at its end, BMW seems like they are conceding.

According to Detroit Free Press, BMW is behind Mercedes-Benz by 5,182 unit in sales. However this will only be for the start of 2012, as BMW's US chief, Jim O' Donnell said “In the first quarter of next year, I would say Mercedes will be no.1” he also added, “Mercedes going into 2012 in the first quarter will be in a strong position. Over the course of the year, we still should be ahead of Mercedes.”

And this is because Mercedes-Benz will be launching all new vehicles like the new generation C-Class which will surely outsell BMW's old 3-Series. But then, BMW is expected to launch its next generation 3-series by April 2012 which will make the competition even tighter.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Leaked Front Photo of the 2012 Mercedes-Benz B-Class

The company said they are not yet ready to show everyone the photos of the new generation of Mercedes- Benz B-Class. However, the netizens are not so patient. A photo of the front exterior of the car had been leaked ahead of the Frankfurt Motor Show or IAA. So, if we base it on what happens once a spy photo is leaked, we can say that more photos are on its way, that time, released by the company.

The Mercedes-Benz B-Class will have several engine options. These are 1.5L diesel with 250 Nm of torque, 1.8L diesel with 300Nm, 1.6L petrol with 200Nm and 1.6L petrol with 250Nm. It is measuring 4359mm long, 1557mm tall and 1786mm wide and has taken the style from the BlueZero Concept.

Featuring the 2012 Mercedes-Benz SLK55 AMG's Equipments

The specifications of the Mercedes-Benz SLK55 AMG Roadster are already out. And it's now time to check out the packages included in the “most powerful car”to date.

They say it is similar to the SLS AMG Roadster but the AMG designs such as four air vents, a brush aluminum finished center console, AMG Performance steering wheel and some of the interior designs are the only ones similar to the current SLS AMG. The SLK55 AMG Roadster has its own image and the company wants it to remain that way, after all it's not just the brother of the SLS version, it is itself a powerful car.

In addition to all things inherent to all AMG cars, it includes many other equipment in its standard package, like fiber-reinforced roll-over bar, driver and front passenger airbags, thorax airbags, seat belt tensioner with belt force limiters, NECK-PRO crash-active head restraints, ATTENTION ASSIST drowsiness detection and three-stage ESP. Meanwhile, the optional equipments are the AMG rear axle differential lock, AMG Performance suspension with stiffer tuning, two -piece brake discs and three-spoke AMG Performance steering wheel with Alcantara inserts grip.

Below are other optional packages:

Multimedia Package

  • COMAND system with hard-drive navigation and 3D maps
  • Enhanced Voice Control
  • SIRIUSXM Real Time Weather and Traffic
  • In-dash SD memory card reader
  • In-dash DVD/CD changer
  • 10GB hard-drive with Music Register
  • 7-inch high-resolution color display
  • Gracenote® media database
  • Zagat® survey restaurant guide

Lighting Package

  • Bi-Xenon Headlamps with Active Curve Illumination
  • Headlamp cleaning system

AMG Handling Package

  • Speed Limit Raised to 174mph
  • AMG Performance Steering Wheel with Alcantara Side Grips
  • AMG Differential Lock
  • AMG Performance Suspension
  • AMG 18″ Multi-Spoke Alloy Wheels (optional silver or black finish)

Stand Alone Options

  • Carbon Fiber Trim
  • PARKTRONIC with Advanced Parking Guidance
  • MAGIC SKY CONTROL Electrochromic Roof
  • Panorama Roof
  • Digital Dual-Zone Climate Control
  • AIRGUIDE windstop
  • Black Ash wood trim


Friday, August 19, 2011

Watch a Video of the Mercedes-Benz Driving Academy

Mercedes-Benz brings the Driving Academy in the United States. In this video, it shows that the Mercedes-Benz' cars are powerful vehicles that are not for the weak-hearted. The video's aim is to promote the Driving Academy as well as safety driving even in fast-paced and adrenaline pumping activity.

Vintage Mercedes-Benz Vehicles in Auction at the Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance

One of the parts of the Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance is the auction. And even though this doesn't seem to be the highlight of the event, it is still much awaited because of the Mercedes-Benz vehicles that will be sold with the gavel.

The most awaited car on the auction is the 1935 Mercedes-Benz 500K Roadster which is expected to be taken at the price of up to $5,000,000. But that does not stop with this beautiful car, as there more models that will surely grab the attention of the bidders. The cars that will be sold are 1924 Sports Phaeton, 1936 540 Special Coupe, 1934 Cabriolet, and the 2006 SLR McLaren Coupe, among others.

The highlight of the auction, 1935 Mercedes-Benz 500K Roadster, is a red piece of automotive history. A top-down vehicle with great leather interiors and beautiful exterior finish. The RM Auction brochure describes it as, “Magnificently designed, fastidiously constructed and assiduously maintained by a succession of owners, most recently by the Lyon family in their wonderful collection with fulltime professional maintenance and constant attention to any need, 500 K Roadster 105380’s effect, whether on the road or in a concourse, is arresting. It presents a rare opportunity for other collectors to experience its allure and satisfaction.”

Photo from :

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Mercedes GP Petronas Helps a 14-year Old

A British teenager named Matthew James got a different kind of helping 'hand'. It is literally a hand or limb from the Mercedes GP Petronas Team in partnership with Touch Bionics.

James, 14-year old, wrote a letter to Ross Brawn, a letter asking for $57,000 so that he could get an artificial limb that works like a real one. This is because, even if he already have an artificial hand, the only thing it can do is to open and close, which is a little bit less 'normal'.

The letter caught the attention of the Mercedes GP's Team Principal Ross Brawn and they decided to grant the young man's wish. They partnered with Touch Bionics to give him a customized advanced prosthetic limb by i-Limb Pulse.

Ross Brawn said that aside from helping out the boy, they also did this because “we realized how much our technologies in Formula One had in common with those used to create this cutting-edge prosthetic limb,” adding that he was also happy “hearing firsthand how the new device would improve his quality of life, was a pleasure and I am delighted that our initial contact has now led to such a positive conclusion.”

Stuttgart Airport's Follow Me Vehicle is a Mercedes-Benz B-Class

Yes, the Stuttgart Airport 'employed' the Mercedes-Benz B-Class F-Cell model as the “follow me” car for the planes taxiing the runways.

The airport and the company really prepared for this project as the set-up dedicated hydrogen refueling stations in the airport so even if the F-Cell only has a range of 400KM, getting it pumped is not a problem.

The car is a very environment-friendly vehicle as its 136HP electric motor is run by a hydro/oxygen chemical, this in turn create a byproduct which is water.

“As you can see, we are keeping up with the latest technological developments in ground-based drive systems.” said States Walter Schoefer, MD of airport manager Flughafen Stuttgart. This is a great start as other businesses can also see the value of having this Earth-friendly car, the Mercedes-Benz B-Class F-Cell.

Sunday, August 14, 2011

The Unique Style of Mercedes-Benz CLS550, Will It Be a Hit?

Mercedes-Benz has introduced a lot of technologies in the industry which are yet to find an equal. Some of these are traction control, anti-lock braking and airbags.

However, the company is really not a top when it comes to the styling and design department, perhaps due to Mercedes' market, which are the upper class buyers. As new markets asks for new directions, Mercedes-Benz answers them and the first sign of this is when the CLS-class was launched in 2004. This is the first time that a new design was introduced in the market, the emergence of the four-door coupe.

The CLS550 will continue with this direction as started by the A-Class, CLC shooting brake and this new model which is more muscular than the other models. Meanwhile, the engine has more horsepower yet with greater fuel-economy and reduced emissions.


Mercedes CLC Shooting Brake Received a Go Signal from Boss

Daimler Chairman and Head of Mercedes-Benz Cars, Dr. Dieter Zetsche reportedly gave the signal to produce the Mercedes-Benz CLC. This is in 2014, after the Mercedes-Benz CLS Shooting Brake is confirmed to roll-off the assembly line of the company's Sindelfingen plant in 2012.

The CLC Shooting Brake will have a smaller body and will have a reduced price than the more luxurious CLS version. Other than that, Automotive News said that it will be offered in diesel and petrol engines. The design, since it will be patterned after the Concept Shooting Brake, will have a stylish rear end and a curvy roof line.

Friday, August 12, 2011

Nick Hayden on an AMG DTM car

Ever since Ducati and AMG signed a partnership, they continued to be together in events. The most recent one is the China press event where Ducati's riders rode a DTM race car.

These motorcycle racers found it a bit difficult to drive the powerful car. Nick Hayden for example admitted that this car is a bit overpowering for him because despite of his driving skills, the 480 HP car which produced 180mph top speed requires more than skills only. The good thing about it is that F1 driver, David Coulthard coached them for the trial ride.

In spite of the power of the car, Nick Hayden was still able to ride the CLS 63 AMG Edition One excellently.

Watch the video of Nick Hayden on AMG below.

Pebble Beach to Grace the Lightning Benz

Lightning Benz, a Mercedes-Benz racing car that's produced by Wilhelm Maybach in 1906 has been reproduced to have a new body and will be shown at the Pebble Beach concourse next week.

An exhibition, in line with the 125th anniversary celebration of the invention of automobile, will be happening at the area. Some of the vehicles that will be shown together with the Light Benz are the W06 SSK from 1886, Silver Arrow W154 GP race car from 1939, the 1954 300SL, Mercedes-Benz W180 220SE and Mercedes 600 W100 from 1969.

Other than the legendary cars, modern cars will also be at the exhibit. Some are concept cars to be led by SLS AMG Roadster and the next generation A-Class. An F-Cell Roadster will also be present to represent the era of environment friendly vehicles.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Smart Times in Italy Concluded

smart's passionate fans gathered in Riccione for the biggest event of the community. From August 4-7, these people went to Italy instead of Austria to share their passion for the small car.

Aside from meeting other smart enthusiasts, people connected with tuners and designers. There were also a lot of activities like beach volleyball, a lap ride to the Misano World Circuit and a tour at Aquafan. Additionally, the highlight of the event which is an excursion title “smart Meets Museo Ferrari” was also well-received. The smart times parade broke the record as 800 smart vehicles drove and honked at the streets of Riccione and made the onlookers happy.

In the event, it was also announced that the smart Times will be held in Belgium.

PR Effort for The Mercedes-Benz G-Class in Australia

Mercedes-Benz, in an effort to raise awareness and increase interest for the Mercedes-Benz G-Class organized a 1,200mi trek at the Canning Stock Route. The expedition will start from Halls Creek to Wiluna, and will use the route that was then a major route to get cattle from ranches to Perth.

The trek which was suppose to finish in 14 days sent off 7 G-Class wagons, the models that had been proven to withstand off-road travels. However, this time, an unfortunate thing happened, just a few days after the travel started, six of the seven cars' rear shock absorber broke down. The expedition stopped while the parts were brought to the remote airstrip, where the one G-Class picked up the replacement shocks.

The one surviving vehicle is the G-Professional which, fortunately did not broke down, at least the PR method still, somehow, proved that the G-Class are great in tough terrain.

Photo source:

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Mercedes-Benz' New Coupe Called C117

A new prototype of the 4-door coupe is now being tested. The Mercedes-Benz CLC of the future is still known now internally as the C117.

The vehicle will be a smaller version of the CLS and is reported to have a gasoline and diesel version and will have a pull of 100-150 horsepower. An AMG version is also reported to be in the works which could probably bring in an additional 150 horsepower. More information on the specifications will be posted as soon as the company give us an update.

The Mercedes-Benz CLC will be released sometime in 2012 and is expected to attract younger buyers who wants an all new and energetic car.

Mercedes-Benz Motorsport Family Day

On August 14 , people from Stuttgart will have a chance to spend the day with Michael Schumacher and Nico Rosberg as the Mercedes-Benz Motorsport Family Day will be held in Schlossplatz.

The day will be a fun-filled day for the whole family. Events and rides will be at the venue. Not only that, the two racing superstars will be holding an autograph session and will have special rides with some fans who will win at the raffle. Motorsports fans will also have a chance to ask and meet some other DTM drivers and F1 drivers at the mb!lounge.

With much enthusiasm, Norbert Haug, Mercedes-Benz Motorsport chief said, “We look forward to a beautiful Sunday in the heart of Stuttgart, with many guests and we certainly want to inspire them with the "great moments" all. "

Thursday, August 4, 2011

From Jay Leno on Board the SLS AMG Roadster released a video of Jay Leno happily riding an SLS AMG Roadster. Watch!

Mercedes-Benz 1999 SL500 Sold for $20

Maurice Matthews, Pittsburgh Steelers team cook had been joking with Ray Horton, the team's secondary coach, about his job and how he would love to drive his SL500.

In Horton's last day of work, he talked to Matthews and asked him for “whatever money you have in your pocket”. Matthews then gave his $20, to which Horton exclaimed, “sold for $20!”. To the cook's surprise, he was handed the key to the SL500, which now has a Kelley Book value of $18,000.

"It’s just taking care of guys who took care of you,” Horton commented about what he did.

Monday, August 1, 2011

US Tuner Wheels Boutique's Take on the Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG

Wheels Boutique together with its partner ADV.1, released their new project, their version of the Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG.

The vehicle looks rather fascinating as it has humongous tires attached, 375/20/21! The rear and front rims have a measurement of 9.5 21 x 12. Just look at the photos below and tell us what you think.

Spy Photos of the Baby CLS

Mercedes-Benz looks like it is continuing on with the plan to create a small version of the CLS.

Based on the spy shots in this article, the baby-CLS will have the same built and design as the B-Class next generation. The standard version of the car will get a four-wheel drive while the AMG version will be an all-wheel drive.

Meanwhile, the engine and parts are still unknown but according to rumors, it would be equipped with 150 and 207 horsepower and would come in 1.6 and 2 L engines.

It is reported in an article from Benzinsider, that this vehicle will surely have the looks of the new CLS but in smaller dimensions. It is still unsure whether this will be released in the IAA Frankfurt show or it will just be for internal use.