Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Mercedes GP Petronas Helps a 14-year Old

A British teenager named Matthew James got a different kind of helping 'hand'. It is literally a hand or limb from the Mercedes GP Petronas Team in partnership with Touch Bionics.

James, 14-year old, wrote a letter to Ross Brawn, a letter asking for $57,000 so that he could get an artificial limb that works like a real one. This is because, even if he already have an artificial hand, the only thing it can do is to open and close, which is a little bit less 'normal'.

The letter caught the attention of the Mercedes GP's Team Principal Ross Brawn and they decided to grant the young man's wish. They partnered with Touch Bionics to give him a customized advanced prosthetic limb by i-Limb Pulse.

Ross Brawn said that aside from helping out the boy, they also did this because “we realized how much our technologies in Formula One had in common with those used to create this cutting-edge prosthetic limb,” adding that he was also happy “hearing firsthand how the new device would improve his quality of life, was a pleasure and I am delighted that our initial contact has now led to such a positive conclusion.”

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