Monday, August 1, 2011

Spy Photos of the Baby CLS

Mercedes-Benz looks like it is continuing on with the plan to create a small version of the CLS.

Based on the spy shots in this article, the baby-CLS will have the same built and design as the B-Class next generation. The standard version of the car will get a four-wheel drive while the AMG version will be an all-wheel drive.

Meanwhile, the engine and parts are still unknown but according to rumors, it would be equipped with 150 and 207 horsepower and would come in 1.6 and 2 L engines.

It is reported in an article from Benzinsider, that this vehicle will surely have the looks of the new CLS but in smaller dimensions. It is still unsure whether this will be released in the IAA Frankfurt show or it will just be for internal use.


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