Friday, August 26, 2011

BMW Concedes, Said That Mercedes will Take the Top Spot

After Lexus' slow sales and the expected dethronement as the number one luxury brand for next year, all car manufacturers, specifically BMW and Mercedes-Benz were on the race to take the top spot. But now, with the year almost at its end, BMW seems like they are conceding.

According to Detroit Free Press, BMW is behind Mercedes-Benz by 5,182 unit in sales. However this will only be for the start of 2012, as BMW's US chief, Jim O' Donnell said “In the first quarter of next year, I would say Mercedes will be no.1” he also added, “Mercedes going into 2012 in the first quarter will be in a strong position. Over the course of the year, we still should be ahead of Mercedes.”

And this is because Mercedes-Benz will be launching all new vehicles like the new generation C-Class which will surely outsell BMW's old 3-Series. But then, BMW is expected to launch its next generation 3-series by April 2012 which will make the competition even tighter.

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