Wednesday, August 10, 2011

PR Effort for The Mercedes-Benz G-Class in Australia

Mercedes-Benz, in an effort to raise awareness and increase interest for the Mercedes-Benz G-Class organized a 1,200mi trek at the Canning Stock Route. The expedition will start from Halls Creek to Wiluna, and will use the route that was then a major route to get cattle from ranches to Perth.

The trek which was suppose to finish in 14 days sent off 7 G-Class wagons, the models that had been proven to withstand off-road travels. However, this time, an unfortunate thing happened, just a few days after the travel started, six of the seven cars' rear shock absorber broke down. The expedition stopped while the parts were brought to the remote airstrip, where the one G-Class picked up the replacement shocks.

The one surviving vehicle is the G-Professional which, fortunately did not broke down, at least the PR method still, somehow, proved that the G-Class are great in tough terrain.

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