Tuesday, September 10, 2013

S-Class Coupe

With the All new 2014 S-Class coming out in about a month, there have been questions about when the new CL-Class is coming. Well, first things first, there will be no CL-Class anymore. Just like the CLK-Class made way for the E-Class Coupe and Convertible, the CL-Class is now the S-Class Coupe. So we should be seeing the All New S-Class coupe as a 2015 Model. As you can see from the official concept designs, it is far more aggressive than the S-Class. However, as usual it does carry over a lot of the new technology that will debut on the 2014 S-Class. Sportier design and all the tech goodies sounds like a winning combination. And don’t hold us to it, but there are rumors of a convertible version of the S-Class Coupe. Think back to when Mercedes-Benz showed off the Ocean Drive concept car. It was a large 4 passenger soft top convertible. We think it is very plausible we’ll see a soft top convertible S-Class sooner than later.  

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