Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Hydrogen Power in the F125 Concept Car

Months after the Mercedes-Benz F-Cell World Drive, the company is still evidently promoting the F-cell technology.

At the Frankfurt Auto Show, the F125 concept car will be driven by the hydrogen cell technology. Aside from that, the vehicle will have gullwing doors reminiscent of the SLS supercar. It will also have four electric motors that can produce 230 horsepower. The car can hit 0-60mph because of the electric motor too.

The hydrogen fuel cell can run up to 620 miles, and in case you're caught up in a place where there's no hydrogen refueling station, you need not worry because the cars have a battery reserve that can drive you another 30 miles.

Although it will make its first appearance at the Frankfurt Auto Show, there's still no word yet on when this car will be on the production line. Stay tuned for more news in the mean time.

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