Friday, October 21, 2011

Ernst Lieb Ousted as MBUSA Chief

News surfaced last week that the “charismatic” CEO of Mercedes-Benz USA, Ernst Lieb, was replaced. When it was first reported, there was no reason, it was just noted that a temporary replacement in the person of Herbert Werner, MBUSA Finance Head, will sit on his post.
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However, just a few days ago, Wall Street Journal reported that according to “people familiar with the matter”, Lieb was removed from his post due to financial misdeed. This is after questions surfaced because of the purchase of his home near the MBUSA's headquarters, as well as a personal flight to Australia he took, in which the company paid for.

Even if Mercedes gained sales and market share during his tenure, it was done because the company is being very careful and attentive to corruption practices.
Despite all this, it seems that Lieb is one-of-a-kind because MBUSA is still trying to find for the new CEO to fill in his shoes, someone who has great understanding of the country's market and the company's dealer network there, like him.

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  1. All I can say is that regardless of company politics, I love my Mercedes. I bought a used one a long time ago from German Motors and it's still running strong.