Thursday, May 19, 2011

Aria | Mercedes-Benz New Concept Car

Concept car is the craze nowadays. The striking design and the fancy look make everyone drool about these type of car. Mercedes-Benz came up with a new concept for 2030, the Mercedes-Benz Aria. The designers said that even if this car is to be powered by electricity, they want to make sure that the style, its sexiness and dynamism will be adopted from petrol-driven cars of the present.

The curves of the Aria seem that it has been patterned after a woman’s body. The artistry put into the design is so futuristic and it really looks like great detail is put into its every part and component. The people behind it say that they want this car to be a classic, a design that has no bounds. No doubt that this is something that will fill the roads of 2030 and beyond.

The designers admitted that the car is a fusion of architecture and fashion. With its attractive and free-flowing design it is no doubt that they spent a lot time conceptualizing the car and it is indeed something to look forward to in the near future.

Be amazed by this car. What the video below.

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