Thursday, May 19, 2011

F-Cell World Drive Now in Europe

It is an incredible feat for the hydrogen powered cars as the Mercedes-Benz F-Cell World Drive managed to reach the European continent after traveling to almost every continent. The world drive proves that hydro- powered cars are indeed powerful to use.

The number 3 car had a problem in Kazakhstan but despite that incident, the two other B-Klasse models with fuel cell power train reached Europe this week. The tour will end on June 1 at Stuttgart and in that date it would have covered 18,700 miles and would span 125 days.

The car models are powered by a fuel cell system made of 290 Nm of torque and are capable of reaching 400km before the need to refuel with hydrogen. During the trip it is reported, that the three cars refueled every time they could.
57,000 FCVs will be sold starting 2015 and they expect the market to grow a total of 390,000 vehicles every year. By 2020 the first million fuel cell vehicle is expected to be sold.

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