Saturday, May 28, 2011

New Tune for the Mercedes Benz AMG C63 by McChip and MEC Design

Mercedes-Benz- AMG has been popular in the tuning world, the C63 particularly. The car is said to have been the eye of tuning companies. Like now, the first-rate tuning company, McChip reveals a new kit for the C63 called “Stage 3“ while the Merlin-based company, MEC Design also released their own version.

The €10,000 kit by McChip consists of a new and excellently improved engine is 583 PS and has 692 Nm of torque. The horsepower has been raised from 451 to 575 raising the top speed to 193 mph. The AMG ECU were replaced by McChip ECU and installed with a Cargraphic exhaust system. Owners may want to have a matte black 19-inch alloy rims from Michelin, but this will cost another €7,474.

The new kit takes some time to install so you’ll have to leave your precious car to them for 3 days.

Meanwhile, MEC Design upgraded the front bumper with a lower lip or optional LED Lighting in carbon finish. Using the same material, the rear bumper diffuser and rear spoiler has been changed as well. Other carbon trimmings are found on the seat shells, center console, sports steering wheel and door panels.

The wheel is pumped up with a tire size of 235/30 ZR 20 and mecxtremeIII 9x20, in 3mm spacers front and 7mm rear. A stainless steel exhaust has been added to 6.3 liter engine. Finally, the company boasts of giving the Mercedes AMG C63 a max speed of 250kph by reprogramming the ECU.


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