Saturday, June 4, 2011

Hydrogen Refueling Stations will be Set-up by Mercedes and Linde Group

For quite some time since late last year, there has been talks about The Linde Group who is providing the fuel for the B-Class F-Cell cars for the World Drive. After the tour’s conclusion last week, the company finally confirmed the reports and they even went further the partnership saying they will put up the hydrogen fuel stations in Germany. They will start with 20 stations, targeting Berlin, Hamburg and Stuttgart. Mercedes-Benz said there will be two more cities but they will announce it later.

Mercedes- Benz and Linde said in a press statement that, “Germany clearly leads the way in Europe. To begin with, just five to ten filling stations are sufficient for conveniently servicing the requirements of a large city. Joining up these urban centres – for example Berlin with Hamburg, Stuttgart with Munich – by means of corridors along the arterial roads between them is a major step forward towards the establishment of a nationwide public H2 infrastructure.”

Clearly, Mercedes-Benz/Daimler is highly committed in the success of commercialization of F-Cell powered cars.
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