Wednesday, June 1, 2011

F-Cell World Drive Almost Finished

Today will be the end of 2011 Mercedes-Benz F-Cell World Drive. The tour is scheduled to reach its finish line in Stuttgart today at 3pm.

We have reported about some problems that one of the three green cars has a problem in Kazakhstan in the middle of May but they still managed to advance to the other legs of the tour.

Below is the path that the F-Cell World Drive our last update:

Leg 24 : Moscow to St. Petersburg - started on May 20. But a day before they took off, local media tested the F-Cell cars.

Leg 25: St.Petersburg to Helsinki - shortest leg of the tour with only 450 kilometers. Then from Helsinki they traveled to Stockholm via ferry.

Leg 26: Stockholm to Oslo - tour took 550 kilometers. The people in Oslo are said to be interested in the F-Cell technology thus they plan on releasing this in Norway after Germany and USA market.

Leg 27: Oslo to Hamburg - media also had the chance to test and experience the technology.

For those who does not know what F-Cell World Drive is, it is a tour that promotes the B-Class F-Cell powered electric cars, which are environment-friendly vehicles. These cars are envisioned to reign the roads, which will eliminate carbon dioxide emissions.

Source: EMercedesBenz

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