Thursday, June 23, 2011

Mercedes Still Undecided about Maybach’s Future

the Maybach symbolImage via WikipediaA few weeks ago we’ve reported that Mercedes-Benz will officially say what will happen to Maybach on July 1st, however, they have updated that it will be delayed until the last week of July. There were two options then, to axe the brand or to sign a partnership with Aston Martin, the British carmaker.

For the latest news though, Automotive News said that a third option is now being considered. That is to keep the brand and make it a Mercedes-Benz sub-brand which will represent the top luxury car models like the GL-, CL- and SL- class, much like how AMG represents the company’s power and performance lines.

We’re still waiting for an official statement from Daimler and Aston Martin, as both companies still refuse to speak about their plans for Maybach.

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