Saturday, June 4, 2011

Mercedes-Benz USA Reported Sales Increase of 5.9% Last Month

Mercedes-Benz USA is on a high as they reported sales of 20,306 vehicles, 5.9% increase from May 2010 figures.

The top car is the E-Class 9th generation with 5,751, a 5% increase over May 2010. C-Class is on the second with 4,936 and the third spot was taken by the GLK-Class with a 22.1% increase from last year. And although the R-Class crossover is not on the top three most number of sold vehicles, it garnered a 237% raise over May 2010 numbers.

The sales of Mercedes- Benz diesel lines increased at 108.5% for the month and 115.8% for the year. Sprinter vans increased by 126.1% for the month and 102.1% for the year. The high-end, SLS AMG had good 21 sales which means the YTD sales are up to 330.

All these numbers tally to give Mercedes-Benz USA a whooping 8.5% of increase year-to-date.

Photo: Mercedes-Benz Malaysia
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